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Ossur Shoulder Brace Accessories


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Ossur Shoulder Brace Accessories

The Ossur Shoulder Brace Accessories are designed exclusively for the Ossur FormFit Shoulder Brace.

The shoulder brace by Ossur is designed to provide you with versatility, comfort, and convenience to have enhanced control over your shoulder following an injury or surgery. These accessories enhance the benefits of the shoulder brace by offering increased stability.

Ossur offers three accessories for the brace:

Axilla Pillow

  • This can be added to the armpit area of the brace above the abduction pillow.
  • It works by distributing the weight to reduce pressure, particularly from the ulnar nerve, for enhanced comfort.
  • It is lightweight and can be carried around with ease.

Airplane Kit

  • It ensures that your shoulder and arm stays immobilized at the exact position to enhance recovery.
  • It comes with an adjustable waist belt for a snug fit.
  • The quick-release buckle makes it easier for you to wear or remove the kit as needed.
  • It includes an adjustable armrest to help you move your arm carefully to your desired position, including 15°-45° abduction, a maximum of 70° external rotation, and up to full internal rotation.

External Rotation Pillow

  • This pillow offers your shoulder comfortable external rotation
  • It can be used with abduction pillow for better comfort
  • It comes with a padded shoulder strap for ease of use

These accessories for the shoulder brace increase the chance of a speedy recovery.

Shoulder Brace Accessories Features

The main features of these accessories are as follows:

  • Using pillows with the brace reduces the pressure around your shoulders to increase your comfort level.
  • The added support of these accessories ensure that the brace closely fits your forearm, holding it up with ease.
  • They encourage the right alignment of the joints with reduced pressure.
  • The airplane kit is effective for controlled movement to prevent further injuries.
Use these Ossur Shoulder Brace Accessories to provide additional support to your brace for a comfortable and speedy recovery. 

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