Ostomy Supplies

Ostomy Bags and Supplies for Easier Care

There’s no way around needing supplies to help care for and clean your stoma. The wide selection of ostomy products below lets you choose the support that works best for you.

Skin Barriers for Stoma Care

The adhesive skin barriers below help flatten your skin around the stoma to prevent any drainage leaking while staying gentle on your sensitive skin.

One of the barriers is even infused with ceramide. Ceramide is a component of your skin that reduces moisture loss from damaged skin. By infusing the bandage with this, you can help fortify the sensitive skin around your stoma.

Ostomy Bags

Having a pouch is typically a necessity for ostomies, but ostomy bags aren’t all the same.

Below are adhesive bags that collects bodily waste from the stoma. Some are cut to fit and use an adhesive that is specially designed to be gentle on your skin.

There are pouches below that combine the skin barrier with the ostomy bag to eliminate a step for ease of use. These types of bags work great if you have a flat or recessed stoma, since you won’t need a flattening skin barrier.

Ostomy Supplies

Other than these essentials, there is a barrier paste and protective wipes that help enhance your experience.

The paste allows you to fill in uneven surfaces that surround your stoma to prevent leakage. Using the wipes to clean off the area around your stoma help reduce adhesive products stripping your skin.


Hollister Adapt Universal Remover Wipes 50

$26.69 $24.30

Hollister Adapt Universal Remover Wipes 50 If you need to remove adhesive from your skin, Hollister has the perfect solution. The Adapt Universal Remover Wipes are effective against most adhesives and are safe to use on your skin. Hollister Adapt...

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Hollister Adapt Skin Barrier Paste 2.1oz

$19.87 $18.10

Hollister Adapt Skin Barrier Paste 2.10z Leakage prevention is a major concern for patients who have undergone surgery to remove a stoma. The most popular and effective method for preventing leakage is to form a level skin surface around the stoma and...

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Hollister Adapt Skin Protective Wipes 50

$19.18 $17.45

Hollister Adapt Skin Protective Wipes 50 Ostomates have to be especially mindful of the skin on their abdomen, as it is delicate and easily damaged. This ostomy care product called Hollister Adapt Skin Protective Wipes is designed to help protect...

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Hollister m9 Odour Eliminator Drops


Hollister m9 Odour Eliminator Drops Most ostomates know that odors can be a big problem when using an ostomy bag. Ostomates use several different methods to try and eliminate the bad smells. With Hollister m9 Odour Eliminator Drops you will No longer...

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Hollister Adapt Ostomy Belt

$16.45 $14.99

Hollister Adapt Ostomy Belt Ostomates have many options when it comes to keeping their ostomy pouch in place; some people use adhesive tape, others use a belt, and still, others rely on a sling. But what if you can’t find anything that works for...

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Hollister HolliHesive Skin Barrier

$34.16 $31.15

Hollister HolliHesive Skin Barrier The first step in healing a new stoma is to create a protective layer over the opening; you can do that by using Hollister Hollihesive Skin Barrier. This barrier is to be worn under an ostomy wafer to protect the skin...

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