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Parsons ADL Buckingham Foldeasy Portable Toilet Frame

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Parsons ADL Buckingham Foldeasy Portable Toilet Frame

A portable toilet frame that is totally foldable and adjustable. When compared to standard toilet frames that must be anchored to the floor, it saves a lot of money. Folding foot paddles are flush with the floor, allowing the user's weight to keep the frame firmly in place. Arm rests are designed to make it easier and more comfortable for the user to sit and stand. Its height-adjustable mechanism allows it to be used in a variety of bathrooms and situations.

Folds up effortlessly and quickly to make it completely portable.

Portable Toilet Safety Frame Specs

The weight of the unit is 13 lbs. 350 pound weight capacity (160 kg). Dimensions: 20.25" (51.4cm) width between arms; 20" (50.8cm) from back bar to front support; height adjustable 26.75 to 34.75" (67.9 to 88.3cm) floor to top of arm at highest point.

There is no need to put it together! For anyone with limited mobility, the Folding and Portable Toilet Safety Frame with Hand Rail is an excellent daily life tool.

With a rear bar in front of the toilet tank, it fits around your toilet seat.

Armrests are made of tough foam that can withstand frequent use and a lot of weight. It's simple to sit and stand because to the soft and comfortable grip.

Fits Most Toilets Foldable Frame: The frame may be folded completely flat for easy storage or travel. When you're not using it, simply fold it and set it aside.

Benefits of Portable Toilet Support Frame

It provides robust support for those with disabilities, ensuring that their trips to the bathroom are safe. Individuals who are elderly or have restricted mobility, arthritis, balancing concerns, or back or knee injuries will be able to use the toilet securely and independently. The hand rails are composed of strong, strengthened steel that can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

The folding foot paddles are flush with the floor, allowing the user's weight to keep the frame firmly in place. Arm rests are designed to make it easier and more comfortable for the user to sit and stand. The freestanding frame is designed to fit around your toilet seat and has a rear bar in front of your toilet tank.

How to Use Portable Toilet Frame

  • The frame is supplied folded. To open the frame rotate each side in turn until it resembles the image above and the sides are parallel to each other. When the sides are parallel, the frame will be locked in this position by two spring buttons on the frame section
  • The height of the frame may be adjusted as desired, or as directed by a health professional. To adjust the height of the frame you need to adjust one leg at a time by removing the C-clip from the frame, sliding the leg up or down as required, then re-inserting the C-clip to retain the position. Ensure the C-clip is fully through the frame for security. Note: When changing the height of the legs, it is important that all the legs are at the same height setting and that the frame is stable before use.
  • Once the frame is locked open and adjusted to the correct height, the footplate should be lowered and clipped on to the securing pin of the opposite rubber leg tip. Note: The foldeasy2 should only be used once it is fully unfolded with the sides locked in the open position and the footplate secured. When using your foldeasy2 try to push down equally on both armrests when positioning yourself over the toilet. 
  • To close the foldeasy2 after use, reverse the above procedure. Raise the footplate until it clips to the upright tube, then fold in the two frame halves by depressing sprung buttons shown in Fig 1 and rotating inwards.

Cleaning Instructions

Clean with a solution of mild detergent and household disinfectant in warm water applied with a damp sponge. Dry thoroughly. Do not clean with harsh abrasives.

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