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Parsons ADL Furniture Riser


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Parsons ADL Furniture Riser

Multi-laminated plywood blocks are sturdy. For anyone who has problems getting up and down from a low seated position, this is a safe way to raise the bed or chair height. Within the above-mentioned parameters, the amount of height can be adjusted. Individually packaged. 500 lb (227 kg) per block weight capacity.

Perfect Bed Risers

Raising the height of a low sofa or bed can reduce the amount of effort necessary to rise, allowing the person to shift more independently and with less assistance from you, the caregiver.

Some risers can be used to raise the height of a dining table so that a wheelchair user can come closer to the table. This, however, only works if the table legs are spaced far apart. The risers may prohibit a wheelchair or even a dining chair from fitting between the table legs if the table legs are close together. Before making a purchase, make sure to check with the manufacturer.

  • If you're using a lift and need more space under the bed for the lift's base, you can put risers under various beds.
  • Furniture risers are a cost-effective solution to change the height of a sofa, bed, or dining table without having to buy new furniture.
  • Most risers come in a range of heights, ranging from 2 to 5 inches depending on the manufacturer, allowing for a "custom fit."
  • Check that the furniture leg can fit into the “recess” on the top of the riser - many risers can handle a furniture leg with a diameter of up to 2.5 inches.
  • Size 5 in (13 cm) square outside, 4 in (10 cm) inside

What else can Parsons Furniture Riser be used as

  • Bed Risers
  • Couch Risers
  • Table Risers
  • and other Furniture Lifters


Furniture legs should be positioned in the center of the riser, not against any of the sides. When utilizing furniture risers, extra caution is advised since violent use, tilting back in the chair, or swaying the elevated furniture might cause damage or failure of the product.

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