Parsons ADL Male Urinal with Cover  | 065292020204 | 16B020
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Parsons ADL Male Urinal with Cover

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Parsons ADL Male Urinal with Cover

The open handle makes it easy to grab, and it hangs on the bed rail. To prevent other usage, the Urinal is inscribed on the cap. The contents may be seen measured in ounces or cubic centimeters because to the translucent material. 32 oz. capacity (1000 cc). Height: 10.5 inches (27 centimeters), width: 4 inches (10 cm).

What can you do to assist someone with using a Male Urinal With Cover?

  • Begin by acquiring materials. A urinal, gloves, and toilet paper or wet wipes are all required. Make sure you have somewhere to put the urinal while you assist with wiping or dressing.
  • Before putting on gloves, make sure your hands are clean and dry. If the person is a man, have them unzip their pants. If assistance is required, offer it.
  • Solicit that the urinal be placed between their legs. If this isn't an option, assist them with spreading their legs.
  • For privacy, cover the person with a sheet or blanket if possible. If you can safely leave them alone, do so to allow them more privacy.
  • If the person requires assistance, place the urinal in a comfortable position and gently hold it while they urinate. If a man is unable to do it himself, place the penis in the urinal's upper aperture.
  • Remove the urinal with care once the user has finished urinating.
  • After the person has used the urinal, assist them in wiping if necessary. Wipe the region from front to back if you're a woman.
  • After cleansing the region between the person's legs with a moist wipe or a damp cloth, dry it
  • Pour the contents of the urinal into the toilet.
  • Using a disinfectant diluted with water, rinse and cleanse the urinal. Allow the urinal to dry naturally.
  • Remove your gloves and discard them.

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