Pediatric Wheelchairs

Pediatric Wheelchairs

A pediatric wheelchair is built to accommodate a child's body and weight. These chairs are typically lightweight due to the size and weight of the child, and offer full mobility for children who cannot walk or transfer out of their wheelchair by themselves.

Pediatric wheelchairs may also include special features related to height, arm length or width, hand grip location, hand brake location, foot placement, leg support height, armrest height, back support height.

Does a pediatric wheelchair increase a child’s mobility?

Pediatric wheelchairs are smaller and lighter than other models. They also have a wider frame which is necessary for a child to fit comfortably into the chair. Their lower weight makes it easier for adults to lift them up and carry them around, and their narrow design helps children navigate crowded spaces more easily.

Drive Medical

Drive Medical Wallaby Pediatric Wheelchair

$999.00 $850.90

Drive Medical Wallaby Pediatric Wheelchair  If you're looking for a wheelchair that is perfect for your little ones and can be easily brought for travel, then the Drive Medical Wallaby Pediatric Wheelchair is a great option to consider...

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