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Pressure Prevention

Australian Sheepskin Apparel

Australian Sheepskin Crutch Pads (pair)


Australian Sheepskin Crutch Pads (pair)   Spending time on crutches may result in pain or discomfort in the underarms, palms and sometimes wrists. Underarm crutch pads and crutch hand grips provide comfort. Wrapping the top of the crutches and...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Wheelchair Lumbar Cushion


MOBB Wheelchair Lumbar Cushion Some wheelchairs these days are built to provide users with the utmost comfort. Manufacturers realize the need for proper support as a lot of individuals have to use their wheelchair for hours on end, for a prolonged time...

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This foam ankle and wrist holder is recommended for patients who are assessed to be at risk of disrupting life-saving treatment or whose picking, pulling, scratching or peeling aggravates a skin condition, causes self-injury, or compromises wound site...

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