Quad Canes

Quad Cane

Many people choose to use a cane for mobility purposes, but not all canes on the market are created equal. If you want to get the most out of your cane's usage and eliminate some of the wrist and arm stress that comes with carrying a cane, then you'll need to invest in a quad cane.

Unlike traditional canes, quad canes offer four points of contact that evenly distribute the weight around one's body. 

Who Should Use a Quad Cane

A quad cane is a type of mobility aid that can be used by people who have trouble with balance and need assistance in maintaining an upright body position. The name refers to the four points of contact on the ground and how it aids users in staying stable.

Quad canes were designed primarily for people who have problems with their sense of balance and need assistance in remaining upright. These canes provide stability for its user, because four points touch the ground at all times.

The cane has a tapered head to provide a stable connection to the user's hand. When a user holds the cane, it is generally parallel to the ground, allowing the user to balance on the cane.


Carex Soft Grip Derby Handle Quad Cane


Carex Soft Grip Derby Handle Quad Cane Made with innovative technology and designed to provide you with maximum comfort, the Soft Grip Quad Cane has a lower center of gravity for increased stability and balance. Perfect for those who are independent...

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