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Relaxus Exerfit Yogi Ball with Fabric Cover

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Relaxus Exerfit Yogi Ball with Fabric Cover 

There are two kinds of yoga ball owners: those with designated yoga rooms and spaces to store their equipment, and those who move them all around the house trying to find a suitable spot to put it where it won’t get in the way. Let’s make a new group together. The Relaxus Exerfit Yogi Ball with Fabric Cover provides a practical, lasting source of health benefits.

Is Yoga Ball Good For Excercise?

There are reasons people have practiced yoga for millennia; yoga balls only add health benefits. Exercise balls were originally used as a method of posture rehabilitation, so even if you actively exercise other parts of your body like your core, back pain relief is also provided. Speaking of your core, yoga balls are also excellent ways to exercise all muscle groups in your midsection. Just sitting and lightly bouncing activates core muscles. Since it activates your core, if you add exercise moves on top, such as yoga asanas, over time you will notice improved cardio endurance as well as balance, core strength, stability, flexibility and, of course, posture.

Health Benefits of Yoga Ball

Health benefits gained from yoga balls are universal and undeniable, but what is not universal is their ease of storage. The Relaxus Exerfit Yogi Ball’s black or blue fabric can be integrated into your design. Rather than stuffing it in a corner somewhere, it can replace expensive pouffes and exercise who ever sits on it. Don’t want the ball trapped at home? The handle allows easier transport, so you can take it to yoga, the gym, or even your office. By using this ball as a desk chair, postural and core benefits increase. The polyester cover also keeps noise minimal, so there won’t be squeaks and groans each time you shift.

Unsure how the ball will fare after rigorous use? The cover protects the resilient PVC ball while its smooth polyester keeps you cool and comfortable. This yogi ball with fabric cover is built to last. It’s made to withstand constant trips to the yoga studio or gym and be used for exercise as well as a chair in or out of the office. There’s no need to worry about maneuverability on any kind of floor either, thanks to the cover and handle. Want to exercise all year round, but warm temperatures deter you? This yoga ball is designed to keep cool even on hot days so you can stay refreshed.

Relaxus is a trusted global Canadian brand in holistic healthcare and relaxation products. Their goal is to provide products accessible to everyone and every home. The Relaxus Exerfit Yogi Ball with Fabri Cover is designed to provide consumers with a practical and realistic way to maintain their health.


  • Integrate into décor
  • Built to last
  • 100% polyester cover
  • Black and blue cover options
  • Suitable for range of activity
  • Improves cardio endurance, balance, core strength, posture, flexibility and stability
  • Alternative desk chair
  • Stays cool even on hot days
  • Portable with handle
  • Inflatable PVC ball
  • 65cm diameter
  • 120kg weight limit

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