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Relaxus Go Easy Toilet Footrest

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Relaxus Go Easy Toilet Footrest 

No more constipation.

Humans were designed to use the bathroom in a squatted, hunched position. The Go Easy Toilet Footrest allows you to sit on the toilet in this position, allowing you to relax the puborectalis muscle and take a more direct, less strained route. This curved footrest folds for convenient storage and fits neatly around the toilet bowl. A motion sensor LED light allows you to go at any time of the day, regardless of it is day or night.

Product Features

  • Motion sensor LED light
  • Helps alleviate constipation
  • Non-slip grip and surface
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Approx. size: 16" x 9.5" x 8"
  • Not for standing

Benefits of a Footstool For Toilet

When you squat, your rectum straightens up more, according to X-rays acquired during investigations. In this position, the pressure in the belly is also decreased, which could indicate that you are not straining as hard. Studies reveal that when people squat with posture-altering gadgets, they go faster. They also have less exertion and have a more complete bowel movement than when they sit on the toilet.

Is Squatty Potty Good For You?

Squatting, by making it simpler to poop, may help to relieve constipation and prevent hemorrhoids, which are commonly caused by straining. People in Asian and African countries are less likely to suffer from these conditions. That could be related to their choice of diet or the use of squatting. If you want to squat, you do not have to buy a stool. Just bend your knees and hips deeply. It is possible to use a device to help you get into position. These types of products may be especially beneficial for older adults who have joint problems and have difficulty squatting on their own.

A squatting device could replace laxatives and other medications for people who are frequently constipated. There do not appear to be any risks associated with using these footstools. However, if you have chronic constipation or other GI symptoms, consult your doctor first. You may have a medical condition that a squat will not cure.

Most Westerners sit on the proverbial throne like they would a chair, but the Relaxus Go Easy Toilet Footrest provides an option that promotes healthy bowel movements.

About Relaxus

We set out with the goal of making wellness products accessible to everyone in every home twenty-eight years ago, starting with massagers and aromatherapy. Our mission has helped us spread wellness from Canada to around the world. Today, our product lines have grown tremendously in size and scope, but despite the vastness of our offerings, we have never lost sight of our mission to improve people's lives. We hope that this vision continues to support our customers' well-being while also empowering you and your business to succeed. During our first 28 years together, we accomplished a lot. However, this is only the beginning.

  • Been in business since 1992
  • Stocking distributor of other 10000 products
  • 3 warehouses in North America

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