Relaxus Recumbent Chair -  REL-L9000
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Relaxus Recumbent Chair

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Relaxus Recumbent Chair

The Relaxus Recumbent Chair features a sturdy wooden frame, adjustable seat height, and multi-directional casters for easy positioning. With its ergonomic, backless design, the Recumbent Chair promotes proper posture and reduces upper and lower back pain. Positions are movable.


  • Weight: 14.3 pounds (6.5 kilogrammes) – light enough for most people to carry.
  • Length: 20 inches from front "axle" to back "axle."
  • Each axle has a width of 17 inches.

When elevated for working at a high desk, the very back of the seating pad (which is angled downward) may be approximately 27 inches above the ground, and the top of the front of it is 22-1/2 inches above the ground.

  • The seat pad measures 15 inches across, 11 inches long, and 2 inches deep.
  • The kneeling pad measures 17-1/2 inches across, 9 inches from front to back, and 2-1/2 inches deep.

When elevated for working at a high desk, the top of the forward edge of the kneeling pad (which is angled upward) may be about 17 inches above the ground, while the top of the back of the kneeling pad in the middle of the chair is about a foot high.

Relaxus Recumbent Chairr Features And Benefits:

  • Ergonomic, no-back design
  • Encourages good posture by reducing spinal compression
  • Air vents keep you from overheating.
  • Relieves lower back pressure
  • Wheel casters
  • One-year limited warranty

Is A Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Good For You?

The most important reason ergonomic chairs will help you with back pain is that they are designed to support your natural posture while also reducing stressful forces on your body.

The chair backs are usually full length, stretching from your shoulders to the seat. As your arms hang naturally at your sides, adjustable armrests support your elbows and forearms. This allows you to use your keyboard and mouse without causing shoulder and arm muscle fatigue. By adjusting the seat height, you can sit with your feet flat on the floor and your hips and knees flexed to about 90 degrees.

Are Recumbent Chair Better For Posture?

With a posterior pelvic tilt (sacral sitting), your lumbar spine flexes and your shoulders roll forward, resulting in a slouched posture. In this position, your shoulder blades are pushed away from your thoracic spine, and your head is pushed forward or protracted.

Ergonomic chairs cannot change your internal limitations, but they are specifically designed to address the external factors. The adjustable seat depth and contour of the seat back support the lumbar spine, prevent slouching, and encourage proper sitting posture. Slouching and forward head posture can be avoided by using an ergonomic chair that is properly adjusted.


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