Relaxus Snore Free Adjustable Ant-Snoring Mouth Guard -  REL-701845
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Relaxus Snore Free Adjustable Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard

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Relaxus Snore Free Adjustable Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard

Snoring occurs when air is unable to move freely through the mouth and noise.

Relaxus Snore Free Adjustable Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard aligns the lower jaw slightly forward, opening the airways and allowing smooth breathing. The simple "Boil and Bite" process ensures a comfortable custom-fit mouth guard is ready in minutes. Full instructions included.

Mouthguard for Snoring Features

  • Simple and effective measure to reduce snoring*
  • Comfortable to use
  • Portable
  • Enhances breathing to reduce snoring*
  • Opens oral and nasal airways*
  • Unique size

What is Relaxus Mouthguard Sleep Apnea?

Snoring is caused by the airways not allowing air to pass freely through the mouth or nose. This mouth guard is used to reduce snoring.

It does this by adjusting the position of the lower jaw slightly more forward. By adjusting the jaw position, it adjusts the airways, allowing air to pass through more freely and reducing the chances of snoring.

This mouth guard is easily adjustable using a boil and bite process. It heats the mouthguard until it’s malleable, then biting the mouthguard creates an indentation of the teeth. This ensures the mouthguard will stay in position throughout the night, maximizing the comfort for the wearer. The process only takes a few minutes. The mouthguard comes with instructions for this process.

This product comes with a case and is easily portable. It's also the smallest of its kind available on the market. Patients that have the option prefer to use this device over others particularly for the size and transportation ability. Other items that have similar applications and functions are bulky and are difficult to transport, requiring space and occasionally electricity or other additional things to keep in mind to function.

How can Mouth Guard help you to stop snoring?

This product can also help with keeping your jaw in a proper position while sleeping, reducing a sore neck or jaw in the morning and possibly reducing the chance of headaches in the morning.

While snoring itself isn’t necessarily a dangerous symptom, it is occasionally a symptom of other conditions. It can also be caused by simply being exhausted, or having a stuffed nose, or a particularly large amount of salivation taking place while asleep.

Mouth Guard for Sleep Apnea

Snoring is often a symptom of a condition called sleep apnea. This condition can also cause people suffering from it to inadvertently choke in their sleep, which can be dangerous or even fatal in some cases. The lack of air passing through the airways can lead to many other issues as well. If there are any other sleep apnea related symptoms, consult a doctor about the use of this product.

Get a snore free good night sleep with Relaxus Snore Free Mouth Guard.


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