Relaxus Water Lilies Indoor Water Fountain -  REL-700353
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Relaxus Water Lilies Indoor Water Fountain

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Relaxus Water Lilies Indoor Water Fountain

Nothing is more soothing than the sounds of nature. Many doctors actually advise people to interact with nature, as it also helps with healing and recovery. While we can’t take trips every few days, we can bring the essence of being surrounded by nature into our living and workspaces through the Relaxus Water Lilies Indoor Water Fountain.

Indoor Fountain

The fountain features three golden lilies in full bloom set atop a bed of rocks. It comes with a pump that circulates water from the bowl and slowly lets its drip from the tallest lily down the second and third back into the bowl with the bed of rocks.

The indoor water fountain also features low key lighting that helps create a soothing ambiance and provides added beauty. After a stressful day, you can burn some incense, close the lights and let water lily indoor fountain help you relax.

It provides the sound of calming cascading water as it drips down the lilies. With the white ambient LED lighting, it becomes even more aesthetically pleasing.

It can effortlessly double as a beautiful decorative ornament that can blend into a wide range of décor themes from the most traditional to the most contemporary themes as well. It is pretty compact and can fit on any side or coffee table. It comes with a 110/120 V adapter

The sound of tinkling water is said to soothe the senses. Indoor water fountains are thus a staple in many spa decorations. Even in meditation classes, instructors play the sound of flowing water as it calms the mind-body and soul. You can recreate the same soothing environment in your office or home with the Relaxus Water Lilies Indoor Water Fountain.

Indoor Water Fountain Features

  • White low-key LED lighting
  • AC adapter pump
  • 110/120V input adapter
  • Product dimensions - 9.8" x 9.8" x 11.4" 

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