Scar Treatments

Scar Reduction Dressings

Scar reduction dressings are a type of treatment that can be used as a result of surgery or injury.

They can reduce the appearance of raised and noticeable scarring by using a fluid that is applied to the skin overlying the scar, which has been both cleaned and dried.

The treatment may be done in conjunction with other methods such as silicone sheets, silicone gel pads, or silicone gels.

Scar Fading Creams

The main function of scar fading creams is to conceal the appearance of what we call "scarring" on the skin. This can be very traumatic for some people as these scars can often be indicative of a medical condition such as acne, or a surgery that may have left some marks on the skin.


Mepiform Scar Reduction Dressings - Box of 5


Mepiform Scar Reduction Dressings - Box of 5 Mepiform Scar Reduction Dressings are designed to help reduce the look of old and new scars. Depending on the condition of the scar tissue, it may take from 3 months up to a year or more to see improvement...

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Zax's Original Scar Fading Cream 28 grams

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Zax's Original Scar Fading Cream Zax's Scar Fading Cream has been specifically design with multiple natural ingredients to help remove the appearance of scars while smoothing skin texture and improving softness.* Scar Fading Cream Active...

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