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Shoe Horn

A shoe horn is a device used to help pull on and ease off of shoes, usually by compressing the front and back of the shoe. It is typically made from metal or plastic with a curved end that can be inserted into the shoe.

Boot Jack

A boot jack is a device with two clamps that are inserted into the boot to provide leverage for pushing the boot up off the foot. The device may also have a strap that can be used to pull or hold up on the boot.


Relaxus Extendable Shoe Horn

$8.00 $5.20

Relaxus Extendable Shoe Horn The Extendable Shoe Horn extends from 11" to 30", an adjustable wooden handle and is a much easier and more convenient way to slip into your shoes. No more reaching, straining or bending down to put on shoes...

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Parsons ADL

Parsons ADL Long Shoe Horn


Parsons ADL Long Shoe Horn A shoe horn with a flexible spring that ensures that the foot can easily go into the shoe no matter what angle the shoe horn is held at. The length is 24" (61cm). What is a Shoe Horn? A shoe horn is a gadget that aids in the...

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Airway Surgical

Airway Surgical PCP Metal Shoe Horn

$35.00 $26.95

Airway Surgical PCP Long Shoe Horn A shoe horn is a tool that aids in the easy insertion of your foot into your shoe. The tool works by creating a smooth ramp that pulls the heel of your shoe back, preventing it from snagging your ankle as you slide your...

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Relaxus Shoe & Boot Jack

$13.00 $8.95

Relaxus Shoe & Boot Jack The Shoe & Boot Jack is ideal for those with limited hand mobility or strength, range of motion restrictions and back pain. The clever single piece design allows the effortless removal of all footwear, including...

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