Shower Commode Chairs

What are Shower Commode Chairs

A shower commode is a toilet chair with an open seat that can be used in the shower or over the toilet. They're made to help people who have trouble using the toilet or standing in the shower for long periods of time.

Purpose of a commode chair

Individuals who are recovering from an injury or illness and are unable to walk to the bathroom can use a commode chair as a second toilet. As a result, they can be particularly useful in instilling confidence and independence in you.



Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair


Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair Shower in ease with the Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair. Sit in comfort to rub your body clean under the shower and on most standard toilet bowls. Invacare is a trusted name when it comes to medical utilities...

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