Shower Heads

Shower Heads to Easily Clean Skin and Hair

It’s easy to say life wouldn’t be the same without shower heads. They all help you clean away the day’s dirt and debris while some add benefits like massaging or being hand held. We offer a selection of shower heads with different special functions and benefits for you to choose from.

Hand held shower head benefits

Using a traditional shower head holds many benefits, but with these handheld shower heads you can benefit even more.

Handhelds are perfect for people of all ages, but come especially in handy for little ones. Using a handheld, you can wash your child’s hair and body more easily. You also have the ability to wash just one specific area, like their feet or hair.

Those who have limited mobility may find handheld shower heads particularly useful, as they can be sitting or standing and reach everywhere they need for a thorough clean.

Handhelds aren’t only good for cleaning yourself, however. They’re also super helpful at cleaning your tub or shower walls. When they could use a scrub, rinse them down with the handheld shower head.

Customized to your bathing needs

All of the products below provide you with the choice to switch between traditional shower heads and handheld ones.

The Parsons ADL handheld shower head, Drive Medical handheld shower head sprayer, and the Carex handheld shower spray spruce up your old, traditional shower head. They have valves that divert water between your original shower head and the handheld one. Then, you can choose which serves you best each time you wash.

Each option below has a hose of at least 80” while certain ones even have extra-long 84” hoses. This provides you the freedom to move and reach your entire body.


Carex Hand Held Shower Spray

$30.00 $23.50

Carex Hand Held Shower Spray Carex Hand Held Shower Spray might be the perfect solution to get clean without assistance. This hand shower spray allows users to easily and conveniently wash every part of their body. It is an excellent addition to every...

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AquaSense Shower Spray

$59.95 $54.95

AquaSense Shower Spray AquaSense shower spray is a revolutionary new showerhead technology that uses pulsating water to deliver a refreshing mist. The spray is also adjustable to provide a wide range of spray patterns, perfect for any situation. With an...

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Carex Ultimate Shower Massager/Sprayer

$58.00 $48.95

Massage Shower Head The Ultimate Shower Massager combines bathing luxury with convenience. The hand held shower head features five different settings, giving you the control to change the water pattern. Handheld showerheads are an excellent bathing...

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Parsons ADL

Parsons ADL Hand Held Shower Head with 84" Hose

$38.00 $30.70

Parsons ADL Hand Held Shower Head for Bathtubs Hand-held shower head with push-button control, wall bracket, and screws for installation. Showering or hair washing from a seated posture is possible thanks to the extra-long 84 in (2.1 m) flex hose. The...

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