SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner -  SIG-583D100
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SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner

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SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner

Having the right kind of compression stockings will help increase circulation and help improve the quality of life of a person, but they can also be quite uncomfortable and even painful to wear. That’s where SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner comes in, a device that won’t require you to bend over just to wear your hosiery. This specially designed compression stocking device helps relieve discomfort and makes wearing compression stockings much more bearable.

SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner is an innovative donning device for compression socks and stockings. The Doff N’ Donner allows users to quickly and easily put on compression socks or stockings without being in a difficult position. This device is easy to use, even for those with limited dexterity and makes putting on compression clothing a breeze. 

Features of SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner

  • Easy for self-donning or caregiver use
  • Durable and suitable for different leg shapes
  • Allows compression stockings to slide easily
  • Best to use if combine with the SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner Cone for easier use

Design of SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner

The SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner is a donning device, a compression stocking fastening system that is designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to put on compression stockings. It is a very soft device that allows the wearer or caregivers to slide compression stockings quickly and painlessly over an arm or a leg. 

SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner for compression stockings is a unique and innovative tool that can help you get the most out of your compression garments. The device enables you to put on your compression garments quickly and easily by using the contours of your body, making them easier to put on and take off. It is designed to fit a variety of leg shapes and sizes. And it is made from durable materials and allows compression stocking to slide smoothly; it prevents skin irritation and allows for a quick and easy donning process. This donning device is best used together with SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner Cone for easier use, sold separately here.

Benefits of Doff N’ Donner

There are many benefits of using a SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner, and one of the most significant benefits is that it makes the task of putting on compression stockings much easier. Additionally,

  • It helps to avoid skin irritation and other problems that can occur when compression stockings are put on by hand. 
  • It allows compression stockings to slide painlessly over wounds, scars, and open legs.
  • It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around.

Buy SIGVARIS Doff N' Donner

If you are looking for a way to wear a compression stocking without bending, the SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner may be ideal. This device helps you put on your compression stocking with ease and prevents any bending or discomfort during wear. So, place your order now and experience the convenience it can deliver!

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