Skin Barriers

Skin Barriers

Skin-barrier function is vital for maintaining homeostasis, or balance in the body.

It prevents infection by preventing bacteria and other pathogens from entering the body. Additionally, it regulates water loss in order to maintain an appropriate level of hydration in the body.

The epidermal barrier is important for preventing the loss of proteins and electrolytes through sweat glands, while the dermal barrier prevents water losses through sweat glands. If either skin barrier breaks down, disease can occur.

Skin Barriers Benefits

Skin Barriers are important because they provide a protective barrier between the environment and the body, preventing pathogens from entering the body.

Skin barriers provide us with many benefits including protection against physical phenomena such as cold, heat, and wind; protection against toxins in the environment; protection against allergens in the environment; and prevention of infection.


Hollister HolliHesive Skin Barrier

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Hollister HolliHesive Skin Barrier The first step in healing a new stoma is to create a protective layer over the opening; you can do that by using Hollister Hollihesive Skin Barrier. This barrier is to be worn under an ostomy wafer to protect the skin...

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Hollister Adapt Barrier Rings

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Hollister Adapt Barrier Rings Ostomy drainage can be major trouble for people with ostomies. Ostomy drainage can get under the pouch seal and lead to drainage outside of the ostomy. This can cause infection and other problems. There are some ways to...

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