StimTec NEO TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device (STI-TVD-STNEOE) | 600736177108
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StimTec Neo TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device

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StimTec Neo TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device

The StimTec Neo is the ideal solution that creates mobile electrotherapy wherever one may require it. A soft case, lithium battery, battery charger, lead wires and a user manual come with the unit.

Begin receiving effective treatment with other 40 programs to select from. A lock button is included within the unit to avoid accidental program changes. The most recent program used is locked into the memory, even if the battery is taken out. For chronic and acute pain, this is the ideal treatment.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Features

  • Includes 4 StimTec Supreme Electrodes (2" x 2")
  • 40 Preset Programs
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Adjustable program Timers
  • Electrode Placement Guide
  • Backlit LED Screen
  • Dual Channel
  • Portable Electrotherapy
  • 22 T.E.N.S. Modes: 14 Preset Programs + 7 Manual Modes

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Specifications

Intensity 0-150 mA zero to peak at 500ohm load

  • Frequency 1-150 Hz
  • Pulse width 50 -250µs in steps of 10µs
  • Waveform Symmetrical bi-phase rectangular
  • Asymmetrical bi-phase rectangular Mono-phase rectangular
  • 13 E.M.S. Modes: 9 Preset Programs + 2 Manual Modes

Intensity 0-150mA zero to peak at 1000ohm load each channel

  • Frequency 1-110 Hz Pulse width Positive phase: 50-400µs, in steps of 50µs
  • Waveform Symmetrical bi-phase rectangular
  • Symmetrical bi-polar rectangular Ramp up time 0-5s in steps of 0.25s
  • Ramp down time 0-5s in steps of 0.25s
  • On time 1-60s in steps of 1s Off time 0-60s in steps of 1s
  • 2 Microcurrent Modes: 1 Preset Program + 1 Manual Mode

Frequency 94Hz fixed (A)/ 0.5,8,80Hz(B)

  • Pulse width 250µs fixed (A),2.1ms fixed (B)
  • Waveform Mono-phase rectangular
  • 3 IFC Manual Modes

Carrier Frequency 4000Hz fixed (Ch1)

  • Modulating Frequency 4004-4160Hz, in steps of 4Hz (CH2)
  • Phase width 125µs
  • Waveform Symmetrical balanced Sine wave

For detailed instructions consult the user guide.

How Does TENS Unit Work?

If an individual is not experiencing sufficient control of pain and other symptoms, electrotherapy—a treatment that directs mild electrical pulses to the problem area—may be an option. 

The benefits of electrotherapy include reducing pain, improving circulation, repairing tissues, strengthening muscles, and promoting bone growth, with an improved physical function. Electrotherapy units usually consist of a battery-powered device connected by wires to adhesive electrode pads which are placed on the skin. When the electrode pads are attached and the unit is turned on, the electrode pads transmit a mild electric current to the skin. 

Electrotherapy should be used subject to these contraindications:

  • It should not be used to treat symptomatic local pain without clearly diagnosing its cause.
  • The use of electrotherapy should be avoided when cancerous lesions exist.
  • The treatment should not be applied to areas swollen, infected, or inflamed (e.g., varicose veins)
  • Electrotherapy should not be administered to patients with serious infectious diseases or diseases that require heat or fever to be suppressed.
  • Pregnant women should avoid electrotherapy since it has not been proven safe during pregnancy.

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