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StimTec Plus TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device

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StimTec Plus TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device

Start feeling better with StimTec Plus TENS / EMS unit. The StimTec PLUS comes with retail box and everything a patient needs to get started. Combines the program simplicity of the Target with the design and lithium battery of the StimTec NEO. 

If you suffer from severe or chronic pain, an electrode stimulation machine may be familiar. Perhaps you were in an accident and suffered an injury that never healed. Wouldn’t it be convenient to receive help exactly when pain seizes, rather than waiting for your next physio appointment? The StimTec Plus TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device is a convenient, easy to use machine that offers you pain relief and prevention.

What is the StimTec Plus TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device?

It combines non-addictive Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) relief with Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) rehabilitation to ease and prevent pain. This clinically recommended microcurrent device pragmatically blends pain relief into your life. A quick charge lithium battery powers 35 programmes. If you’re out and about, don’t worry about impending pain, you can bring this lightweight device along with its carrying case or belt clip.

The device is as intuitive as it is portable. It has a backlit LED interface with human target technology as well as bilingual guides to successfully relieve pain. Concerned about accidentally switching programmes or losing your favourite? This device can lock your chosen programme and remember the last one used even after battery removal—useful on a time crunch.

Benefits Of Electronic Muscle Simulator

The TENS/EMS microcurrent device helps treat chronic or acute pain. TENS focuses on treating pain through low-voltage electric currents administered through four included electrode pads. The TENS portion delivers these currents near your nerves to block or change your perception of pain. It does this by stimulating the nerves and skin to create pain relieving and mood enhancing endorphins.

This device’s TENS programmes target: migraines, neck, elbow, hip, sciatica, knee and hip pain as well as torticollis and menstrual cramps. Whenever pain strikes, you can pull out the StimTec Plus TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device to ease it instead of suffering through the day to see your physiotherapist.

How Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Works?

This microcurrent device not only relieves pain but grows and strengthens your muscles. If you suffered a muscle injury or have chronic pain involving nerves and muscles, the EMS portion eases and prevents this pain. The electrodes send electrical signals, but are placed over the muscle so they contract to exercise. If your pain involves inflammation and swelling, EMS will help. Targeting muscles, it reduces inflammation which restores function and prevents corresponding injuries.

The device’s EMS programmes target: spinal muscles, latissimus dorsi, triceps, breasts, abdomen, abdomen + waist, thighs, and hamstring muscles.

With all these advantageous features, how much does StimTec Plus TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device cost? Nothing not spent across numerous physiotherapy appointments. This innovative microcurrent device melds features and provides the chance to not only relieve pain but prevent it. This TENS/EMS device relieves your pain whenever and wherever you need.


  • Quick charge lithium battery with charger
  • Portable carrying case
  • TENS drug-free pain therapy
  • EMS strengthens muscles
  • 35 programs (23 pre-set, 12 manual)
  • Bilingual guides
  • Simple screen interface with human target technology
  • Lock button to avoid changes
  • Last program memory
  • 4 electrodes
  • AC adapter
  • 2 premium lead wires

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