Swivel Shower Chairs

Swivel Shower Chairs

A swivel shower chair can be of great assistance when getting in and out of the shower, and for turning when in the shower.

Swivel Shower Chairs are increasing in popularity given they are reasonably priced and provide a number of benefits:

  • increased safety by reducing the risk of a slip and fall
  • improved hygiene - if limited in mobility the seats swivel allowing for a more full body clean
  • increased independence and well being - can enable some who would otherwise need assistance to bath independently
  • comfort - if standing for a long time is exhausting, a swivel chair can provide comfort and rest
  • easy to assemble
  • swivel shower chairs are easily portable 


Mobb Healthcare

Mobb Swivel Shower Chair 2.0

$155.00 $134.95

MOBB Swivel Shower Chair 2.0  Award-Winning!   MOBB Swivel Shower Chair is an award-winning shower chair designed for those that have trouble getting into the shower, or moving around in the shower. The Mobb Swivel Shower Chair rotates a...

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Mobb Healthcare

Mobb Rotating Bathtub Seat With Assisting Handle

$110.00 $95.25

Mobb Rotating Bathtub Seat With Assisting Handle  The Mobb Rotating Bathtub Seat With Assisting Handle is a new device that makes getting in and out of the bathtub safer and easier. Being a caregiver is a tough enough job as is. Adding...

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