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Table Knives

Amefa Angled Utensils


Amefa Angled Utensils are ideal for people with limited hand and wrist range of motion. Fork and spoon have curved, tapered handles that fit comfortably in the hand Knife also has curved handle and curved serrated blade for rocking action Fork and...

Good Grips

Good Grips Serrated Rocker Knife


Good Grips Serrated Rocker Knife is great for those with hand arthritis, neurological impairments, or generalized weakness Provides stability while cutting Moves in rocking motion, requiring minimal arm strength Cushioned grip keeps the utensil in...

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Good Grips

Good Grips Weighted Rocker Knife


Good Grips Weighted Knife has an extra 6 oz of added weight in the handle to provide more control when handling. Helps minimize tremors more than the regular Good Grips Rocker Knife Ideal for those with limited hand control, Parkinsons disease or...

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