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Halo Healthcare carry a wide selection of Therapy & Fitness Products for sale in Canada. Fitness & Therapy products are and important and popular product line for baby boomers, seniors and caregivers. Pain therapy products, TENS machines, and Fitness Therapy products can not only help make like more comfortable but in some cases are instrumental in th healing process of many Canadians. 

Dr. Ho's

Dr. Ho's 2 in 1 Back Decompression Belt

$189.99 $159.99

Dr. Ho's 2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt Dr Ho's Decompression Belt provides traction and decompression therapy. Back decompression is a technique endorsed by medical professionals for both upper and lower back pain treatment.  Features &...

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Dr. Ho's

Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter

$249.99 $199.99

Dr Ho's Circulation Promoter by Dr Ho's Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter is designed to help improve circulation, reduce swelling, alleviate aching feet and legs, and relieve pain, tension and stiffness. Features and Benefits: Powered by the Dr. Ho's...

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Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy System

$325.00 $228.99

Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy System Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy System (Machine only or with one choice of pads - additional pads sold separately). Ossur Cold Rush's holistic design features a durable motor, a stronger flow rate than the top...

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Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Pads

$79.99 $69.20

Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Pads  The Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Pads are designed to deliver continuous cold therapy to the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, back or hand. The unique, unbroken loop covering on the top portion of the Ossur Cold Rush Pads...

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Cryo Blaze

CryoBlaze Hot & Cold Gel Packs


CryoBlaze Hot & Cold Gel Packs CryoBlaze Hot & Cold Gel Packs are premium hot and cold packs that can be used for either hot or cold therapy. Put in freezer for cold therapy Microwavable to heat up Stays flexible when...

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Relaxus Moji Balls


Relaxus Moji Balls Relaxus Moji Balls have four expressive faces and are perfect for sensory stress relief.  Great texture and molding feel to give ultimate results Small enough to take anywhere Provides increases in blood flow promoting...

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Ossur ExoForm Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

$34.99 $25.90

Ossur ExoForm Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace The Ossur Exoform Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace features a lightweight low profile design which is 20% less bulky than other brands. Contoured for an anatomically correct fit More room at base of...

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Dr. Ho's

Dr. Ho's Shiatsu Neck/Shoulder Massager W/Heat

$119.99 $98.99

DISCONTINUED SEE ALTERNATIVE HERE Dr. Ho's Neck Massager & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager Dr. Ho's Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager has shown to increase circulation, reduce strain, improve posture and relieve pain. The Dr. Ho Neck Massager &...

Bed Buddy

Bed Buddy Hot and Cold Pack

$11.99 $10.99

Bed Buddy Hot and Cold Pack The Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack can be used for both hot and cold therapy. Ddoctor recommended moist heat to help ease sore muscles, aches, and pains Easily conforms to the body, even when cold Can be used as a...

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Dr. Ho's

Dr. Ho's Replacement Pads


Dr. Ho's Replacement Pads Dr. Ho's Replacement Pads can be used for deeper and more soothing massages. High quality and hypoallergenic Can be reused 70-100 times Great for shoulder and rotator cuff pain Great for thigh and knee pain Can help...

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HoMedics Galaxy Mini Massager

$7.99 $6.99

HoMedics Galaxy Mini Massager The HoMedics Galaxy Mini Massager is a great massager for on the go! Portable Lightweight design Battery operated - 3 AAA included Available in Green, Blue, or Pink For a handheld massager that's easy to use...

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