Transport Chairs

Transport Chairs

There are many reasons why a person may need a transport chair. Transport chairs provide aids to those who have limited mobility and can't independently move around. There are many types of transport chair, such as the heavy duty transport chair with armrests and side rails or the lightweight folding transport chair that is easy to carry and store when not in use.

What is the difference between a wheelchair and a transport chair?

Some people may not be able to discriminate between transporters and standard wheelchairs. While they are similar in some ways, there are significant differences between the two types. The main differences include size, height, weight capacity, and durability.

Transport wheelchairs and standard wheelchairs both serve the same general purpose: to allow people with lower-limb mobility issues to be able to move about their environments with some level of independence. However, they come in many different shapes and sizes, which can make the decision process about which one is best for an individual quite difficult. Let’s take a look at what makes these two types of wheelchairs unique.

Mobility and Freedom

Transport wheelchairs and standard wheelchairs both provide mobility and freedom to the disabled population. However, transport wheelchairs are designed for situations where a wheelchair may need to be carried up stairs, in small spaces, or over uneven terrain. The steering is different, with transport wheelchairs having a larger turning radius and standard wheelchairs having a smaller turning radius.

Transport wheelchairs are meant for short bouts of time. They can be use to go outside the home during a daytrip. As such, they tend to have portability in mind as well.

Transport chairs have seats which are usually of fabric construction, with little support. This helps them to fold easily.


Transport chairs are self-propelled for people to use that can't walk effectively. For the most part, they're used by those who tire easily and need assistance traveling long distances where there's no wheelchair access (i.e., pedestrian traffic).

The biggest difference is that standard wheelchairs are designed with large wheels so they can be propelled.

Drive Medical

Drive Medical Aluminum Transport Chair


Drive Medical Aluminum Transport Chair  Looking for a comfortable and portable chair that can handle a lot of weight but is still easy to maneuver? Look no further than the Drive Medical Aluminum Transport Chair! This chair is manufactured...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Heavy Duty Transport Chair

$405.00 $345.95

MOBB Heavy Duty Transport Chair  If you are looking for a transport chair that can go above and beyond, you should try this MOBB Heavy Duty Transport Chair. The lightweight feature of this transport chair makes it super easy to put into a car...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Lightweight Transport Chair 12" Rear Wheels

$377.00 $321.95

MOBB Lightweight Transport Chair 12" Rear Wheels  Mobility is a crucial part of life, and for those who find it difficult to get around, a transport chair can be a lifesaver. This lightweight transport chair from MOBB is perfect for those who...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Travelite Transport Chair

$340.00 $249.95

Drive Medical Travelite Transport Chair  The Drive Medical Travelite Transport Chair is a lightweight and portable chair with a sturdy aluminum frame. It's perfect for taking on trips or when visiting family and friends. The chair folds up...

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BIOS Medical

Bios Medical Transport Chair

$299.00 $265.95

Bios Medical Transport Chair The Bios Medical Transport Chair is great for your daily routine. Transport Chair Features Foldable and compact for storage or transport Stain resistant 20" seat Hand straps, seat belt, leg bands 8" wheels Detachable...

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