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Tynor Pregnancy Back Support

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Tynor Pregnancy Back Support 

Tynor pregnancy back support can effectively immobilize the back and relieve backache associated with pregnancy last trimester. Tynor pregnancy back support provides effective immobilization of the lower back and relieves backache associated with pregnancy. It is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive position for your back while you are pregnant.  

Tynor pregnancy back support is comfortable and effective back support that provides gentle pressure and support to the mother during pregnancy. The backrest features ventilation panels to allow for better airflow and is made from lightweight yet durable materials. The backrest also has a curved design that optimizes user comfort, while the five adjustable straps ensure a secure fit. Its support is easy to use, contours to your curves and is made from soft, breathable fabric. 

 Pregnancy Back Brace Features 

  • A split elastic panel gives a good grip to the back splints, ensuring no harsh pressure to the baby. Lifts the baby to reduce the load on the mother. 
  • Anatomical pre-shaped splints ensure comfortable support to the spine, provide perfect fitting, and allay back pain associated with pregnancy. Provides effective immobilization of the back and relieves muscular stress due to wrong posture. 
  • Monofilament stripped elastic is light in weight, durable, has better compression, and is highly porous. 
  • Double pull elastic mechanism enhances compression and provides effective splinting action. 
  • The lateral closing design is easy to wear and ensures that there is no direct pressure on the baby. 

Design and Benefits of Pregnancy Back Support 

Pregnancy back support is an anatomically pre-shaped splint that ensures comfortable support to the spine provides a perfect fitting and allays back pain associated with pregnancy. This supportive device also effectively relieves stress on the lower back, neck, and hips. For pregnant women who are struggling with back pain, Tynor pregnancy back support is a great solution that can help make everyday activities more comfortable. 

Tynor pregnancy back support is designed to provide the wearer with relief from back pain during and after pregnancy. The support is made of a breathable mesh fabric that wicks away sweat, and the straps are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. Tynor recommends wearing, Tynor pregnancy back support during all stages of your pregnancy, although it is particularly beneficial during the last few months. Additionally, it has a double pull elastic mechanism that enhances compression and provides effective splinting action. 

Tynor pregnancy back support is an anatomical pre-shaped splint designed to ensure comfortable support to the spine, provide perfect fitting, and reduce back pain associated with pregnancy. These splints are made of durable plastic that provides long-term support and are available in three sizes to ensure a perfect fit. They are also easy to use and come with easy-to-follow instructions. 

Pregnancy Brace Specifications 

  • Extra porous 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Effective back support 
  • Double pull mechanism 
  • No pressure on the fetus 
  • Color: Grey 

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Tynor Pregnancy Back Support

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