Underpads are a type of absorbent pad that is placed under patients to collect fluids. They are often used for incontinence management, but can also be used for other purposes, such as bed protection.

Protective Underpads Benefits

Underpads can be used to prevent leakage, should the material it is sitting on become soiled. They should be changed every time the person using the underpad urinates or has a bowel movement.


Underpads are specifically designed to be used as an extra layer of protection between the skin and the surface below. These pads are made of various materials depending on the sensitivity desired, but typically cotton, polyester or terrycloth.

Many people also use underpads for bedding during menstruation to keep clothing clean. Underpads are disposable, so they should be replaced every twenty-four hours max.


Abena Abri-Soft SuperDry Underpad


Abena Abri-Soft SuperDry Underpad If you're looking for an affordable way to protect your mattress and other furniture from spills and messes, look no further than the Abena Abri-Soft SuperDry Underpads. These underpads are made from a special fabric...

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NannoCare NannoDry Bladder Protection Pads


NannoCare NannoDry Bladder Protection Pads Bladder Protection Pads Features Ultra-soft and absorbent Natural bladder health improvement Unscented odor and leak control 100% certified organic cotton Biodegradable plastic packaging Unisex No...

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Tranquility Heavy-Duty Underpad


Tranquility Heavy-Duty Underpad Ultimate capacity in an underpad! The Heavy-Duty pad provide 7.5 square feet of protection as it absorbs well over one quart of fluid. The unique design also offers a extra strong cloth like back sheet which is...

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Tranquility Air-Plus Underpads


Tranquility Air-Plus Underpads Tranquility Air-Plus Underpads are breathable and designed for use with low air loss bed system supporting optimal skin integrity as it allows air circulation. Smooth and soft surface minimizes friction, pressure points...

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