Urinary Drainage Bags

Urinary Drainage Bags

Urinary drainage bags can provide an improved quality of life for those who are unable to control the flow of urine. The Urinary Drainage Bag is a storage receptacle for urine that facilitates the treatment and management of patients with acute and chronic urinary retention who are unable to control their bladder.

Urinary Drainage Bags Benefits

The benefits of this device include:

  • Prevents asphyxiation as it provides an alternative for those with incontinence during the night to avoid falling asleep face down in a wet bed.
  • Provides relief from symptoms of urgency, frequency, urge incontinence or overflow incontinence.


Coloplast Conveen Security & Urine Bag


Coloplast Conveen Security & Urine Bag The Coloplast Conveen Security & Urine Bag is one of the most discreet and secure urine bag on the market. Urine Bag Features Clamp outlet prevents leaks Soft backing for increased comfort Double...