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Increase Your Independence With Walkers and Rollators

If you’ve been longing to get your mobility and independence back, it may be time to look at walkers and rollators. While you may know that you want to get a rollator walker, you may not realize that you have many brand and style options. Find the perfect rollator walker for your needs today!

Walkers/Rollators Brands & Products

HaloHealthcare carries many rollators and walkers from a variety of brands including MobbAirgoInvacareEvolution, and Hugo. In addition, you can find Drive Medical's full line of Nitro Rollator Walkers.

For a more active lifestyle, use a portable or lightweight walker. We carry walkers with seats, wheels, brakes, and a variety of others to fit your needs. Customize your walker rollator with bag attachments, baskets, seats, and other accessories.

It’s time to get your mobility and freedom back. Discover the rollator walker that fits your lifestyle here!  

Human Care

Human Care Nexus 3 Rollator

$559.99 $450.25

Human Care Nexus 3 Walker Rollator  The Nexus 3 Walker has innovated the way we think about mobility.  With the only true cable-free braking system, you can move confidently in and around your home without fear that you will get caught on...

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Human Care

Human Care ID Tag

$10.25 $8.95

Human Care ID Tag  Make it easy to see which rollator is yours!  Our ID tags are a simple way to add your information so that you find your rollator.  ID Tag for Rollator Walker Features Available in green or red.

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Human Care

Human Care Nexus One Rollator

$471.99 $350.34

Human Care Nexus One Rollator The best selling neXus series of walking aids are innovative rollators with high quality.  Like the neXus 3 rollators, the neXus 1 features an “X” frame design that folds from side to side making it...

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