Walking Poles

Walking Poles

Walking poles are also known as hiking poles, trekking poles, or Nordic walking sticks. They are typically used by hikers and backpackers to help with balance on uneven terrain or for aerobic exercise like Nordic walking.

Hiking poles can be used to provide stability on steep slopes, to help push through snow cover, to provide emergency leverage in the event of a fall, and for navigating steep inclines.

Walking Poles Benefits

Walking poles can be beneficial for people who need to use them, such as the elderly and those with arthritis. They offer a way for individuals to engage in physical exercise while also reducing joint pain and improving balance. It is important that when using walking poles, users take into account that they may not be able to carry as much weight when using them around their waist.

Walking Poles help to strengthen the muscles in the arms and upper body, they make walking safer by helping with balance, they help improve posture, and they help with injuries by distributing weight evenly.


Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles

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Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles The Nordic Walking and Hiking pole consists of a lightweight aluminum construction, ergonomic shock handles, and a built-in anti-shock suspension. They help burn up to 45% more calories than walking without...

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