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Talking Wrist Watches

Talking watches are an embodiment of the technological progress in wristwatch design. The earliest talking watches were designed for people with vision impairments, but quickly became popular with the general populous, who found the idea of a talking watch to be both novel and useful.

Today, there are many companies that produce talking watches in various styles and designs with different price ranges, making them accessible to all types of consumers.

Exercise Tracker Watches

A main use of exercise tracker watches is to track physical activity and provide the user with feedback on their progress. Information such as heart rate, steps taken and calories burned is tracked and recorded.

Exercise tracker watches also provide accurate timekeeping and many models offer GPS tracking features as well. The data can be analyzed by the user for motivation or shared with health professionals for more targeted feedback.

BIOS Medical

BIOS Living Premium Stopwatch

$29.95 $27.80

BIOS Medical Professional Stopwatch While cell-phones have their own built-in stopwatch features, they aren’t necessarily equal to the luxury of a good stopwatch. Imagine starting your morning run, and only having a tablet sized phone to hold...

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BIOS Medical

BIOS Medical Digital Exercise Tracker Watch

$89.00 $75.99

BIOS Medical Digital Exercise Tracker Watch BIOS Medical Digital Exercise Tracker Watch track steps, calories burned, distance and much more with the free app. The bands built in optical heart rate monitoring technology offers heart rate information in...

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