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Molnlycke Mepore Wound Dressing


Molnlycke Mepore Wound Dressings Molnlycke Mepore Dressings are ideal for absorbing and retaining discharge for light to moderate wounds, such as surgical incisions, minor burns, cuts, and abrasions. The adhesive border acts as a seal to prevent...

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3M Canada

3M Tensor Self Adhering Athletic Bandage

$8.47 $7.99

These Tensor Bandages by 3M are used primarily for support and compression to the knee, ankle, elbow or wrist.  They are ideal for strains and sprains as they maintain their elasticity for multiple uses.  They can also be used without...

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Designed to provide support and compression during recovery and return to activity. They are comfortable to wear and adjustable for a custom fit. Supports injured body parts and provides customized compression where needed Ideal for a wide range of body...

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The absorbent, breathable island pad cushions protect the wound, while the long lasting adhesive stays secure even when wet Latex-free Greater flexibility - conforms and stretches for maximum comfort Absorbent, non-stick pad - absorbs drainage and...


Hollister Restore Foam Dressing

$138.78 $124.80

Hollister Restore Foam Dressing Hollister Restore Foam Dressing is made with the TRIACT technology designed for a variety of wounds. Allows for almost pain-free dressing removal Super absorbent foam Can be used under compression bandages 4"...

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BSN Medical

Tensoplast 2.5cm X 4.5m Roll


Tensoplast?? 2.5cm X 4.5m Roll Porous elastic adhesive bandage made from a high-quality extensible cloth, providing firm controlled compression and strong support. The strong adhesive keeps the bandage firmly adhered even throughout lengthy treatment...

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