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Protective Sleeves


Ossur FormFit Shoulder Brace (SmartSling)


Ossur FormFit Shoulder Brace (SmartSling) This FormFit Shoulder Blade by Ossur is created for ease of use, comfort and versatility of the wearer. It has been designed to offer better control after shoulder surgery or injury. This brace is made with...

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Patterson Medical

CVA Arm Sling


Constructed of durable canvas material Tubular foam neck pad for patient comfort Strap features adjustable slide buckle closure Stroke or Paralysis affecting arm or shoulder ??

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Donjoy ULTRASLING II Donjoy ULTRASLING II provides immobilization for rotator cuff repairs, capsular shifts, Bankhart repairs, glenohumeral dislocations/subluxation and soft tissue repairs/strains. The De-Rotation Strap hooks to the UltraSling II...

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Airway Surgical

KidsLine Cradle Arm Sling


C-320: KidsLine Cradle Arm Sling HCPC Code: A4565 - KidsLine Cradle Arm Sling Champion KidsLine braces and supports are cut and assembled to follow the same anatomically correct profile as our popular adult versions, but are right sized to fit a...

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ProCare Blue Vogue Arm Sling


ProCare Blue Vogue Arm Sling ProCare Blue Vogue Arm Sling is made with durable cotton that provides patient with comfort and custom fit. Fully padded 2" wide foam strap with contact closure and D-Rings for easy adjustment and application Features...

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ProCare Deluxe Sling and Swathe-Universal


ProCare Deluxe Sling and Swathe-Universal Deluxe Sling and Swathe-Universal is made with lightweight foam that provides comfort in case of dislocation or post-operation recovery. Two over-the-shoulder criss-cross straps with a slide buckle for...

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