Wrist Splint

Wrist Splint

A wrist splint is an orthopedic device placed around the wrist, which typically immobilizes the joint. This device is most commonly used in cases of an acute injury to the wrist, following surgery on the wrist, or for chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wrist Splint Benefits

The benefits of using a wrist sprain are that it reduces pain and swelling, increases blood circulation to the affected area, and prevents further injury.

Wrist splints are a great option for people who have wrist pain, especially those who feel the pain after waking up. The five benefits of wearing a wrist splint are that it can stabilize the injured area, provide support to the joints, improve circulation, avoid swelling and bruises, and prevent further injuries.


IMAK Pil-O-Splint Wrist Splint

$47.99 $42.25

IMAK Pil-O-Splint Wrist Splint The IMAK Pil-O-Splint Wrist Splint is a patented wrist support designed to immobilize the hand, wrist and fingers in an ideal position for maximum healing.  Carpal Tunnel Splint Features Soft and...

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Tynor Forearm Wrist Splint with Thumb

$29.99 $21.95

Tynor Forearm Wrist Splint with Thumb  The Tynor Wrist Splint with Thumb is a brace designed to immobilize the wrist and thumb. It is ideal for conditions where immobilization is required, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or...

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BIOS Medical

BIOS Medical BIOS Living Wrist Splint

$42.00 $32.85

BIOS Medical Wrist Splint The BIOS Medical BIOS Living Wrist Splint provides comfortable support for injured, weak or post-cast wrists. Wrist Support Features Ergonomic shape Can be used on either wrist 3 adjustable straps for a...

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