Wrist Weights

Wrist Weights 

Strapping on a pair of wrist weights before your walk can add a level of intensify to your walk. Also, wearing wrist weights during aerobics or cardio can increase the amount of cardio burn. Essentially, the purpose of wrist weights is to increase the resistance and challenge of any exercise you do.

Wrist weights are generally low in weight -- generally 1 to 3 pounds each. The amount of weight does not have to be very high to get the increased intensity. Wrist weights are convenient as unlike dumb bells they are hands free.

Wrist Weights Benefits

Wrist weights are often used by people who have a sedentary lifestyle and want to enhance their fitness. Wearing the wrist weights helps with muscle development in the forearm, wrist, and hand muscles. The use of wrist weights also helps you avoid tendonitis in your wrists due to repetitive motion.

The use of wrist weights can improve a variety of fitness qualities, including strength, power, endurance and coordination. 

In addition to improving strength, the use of wrist weights has been shown to increase muscle activation in muscles surrounding the wrist joint. This is because the weight provides a counterbalance for the hand when lifting an object from the ground. In this way, strengthening exercises for the hand have been shown to improve grip strength.

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