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BIOS Living Folding Commode

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BIOS Living Folding Commode

Looking for a comfortable and convenient way to use the bathroom? Check out this BIOS Living Folding Commode. This commode is designed for people with restricted mobility, or with compromised health, limiting their ability to walk to bathrooms or use traditional toilets. It is made from high-quality materials that make it comfortable to sit on and can be folded up and stored away when not in use, making it a perfect choice for small spaces.

BIOS Living Folding Commode is a unique and innovative product that combines the functions of a commode and a bedside chair. It offers a comfortable and convenient way to use the bathroom without having to bend over or stand up awkwardly. This chair is perfect for use in the home or on the go because it is easy to set up and take down, and it's also lightweight and compact enough to fit in most spaces.

Features of BIOS Folding Commode

  • It easily converts from a commode to a raised toilet
  • Height adjustable
  • Comes complete with a durable plastic seat and form-fitting cover.
  • Capacity: 5.2 liters / 1.37 gallons

Design of BIOS Folding Bedside Commode

BIOS Living Folding Commode is a unique and efficient design for a portable toilet. It is easy to assemble and use and can be folded up to save space when not in use. In addition to that, it also easily converts from a commode to a raised toilet, making it perfect for those with limited mobility.  This folding commode features a comfortable seat and sturdy frame that can accommodate users up to 250 pounds and has adjustable legs that enable users to adjust the chair to their needs. It also comes complete with a durable plastic seat and form-fitting cover, which makes it easy to keep clean. 

Benefits of BIOS Commode Toilet Chair

Many benefits come along with using this BIOS Living Folding Commode; this indicates that this product is a valuable addition to any home. The three main benefits of this product are its space-saving design, ease of use, and durability. 

The space-saving design allows it to be easily stored when not in use, while the ease of use makes it simple to set up and use. And the durability ensures that it will last for years to come.

Additionally, this commode helps increase independence, comfort, convenience, and quality of life. For seniors, individuals with disabilities, or anyone who needs assistance with toileting, this folding commode can be a real lifesaver because of the following:

  • It is straightforward to set up and use.
  • It is very comfortable to sit on, thanks to its wide seat.
  • It is designed to be very sturdy and durable, so you can count on it lasting for many years.
  • It folds up easily for storage when not in use, which takes up very little space.

Specifications of Commode Toilet

  • Height of legs extend to 30” - 34” / 76 - 86 cm
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. / 136 kg
  • Model: 59024

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