Cane Tips & Accessories

Cane Tips & Accessories

Cane tips and accessories can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. These items need to be selected based on the individual's needs and preferences. The cane tip is very important because it establishes how quickly and securely someone can walk around. It should also be comfortable to use for long periods of time. Cane straps are frequently used by people who need assistance with stability when walking.

Walking Cane Tips & Accessories

Cane Tips & Accessories are necessary to maintain your cane's structure and functionality. They are also the most affordable way to help you continue walking.

Cane tips are usually made of rubber or plastic, providing a more secure grip on different surfaces, while still being gentle on the surface that the cane is touching. Some people might prefer an alternate material, such as metal or wood for their tip. These materials will vary in weight and style.


Carex Folding Crutches

$64.99 $49.95

Carex Folding Crutches Stay on the go and active with our Carex Folding Crutches. These aluminum underarm crutches offer comfortable and dependable support for anyone recovering from a lower-body injury or surgery. The walking crutches easily fold...

Hugo Mobility

Hugo Ice-O-Grip with 5 Prongs

$10.99 $7.20

Hugo Ice-O-Grip with 5 Prongs The Hugo Ice-O-Grip with 5 Prongs provides for safer walking on ice and snow! Ice-O-Grip Features Attaches easily to all standard size wooden or aluminum canes and crutches Flips up conveniently when not in use...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Cane Holder for Side-Fold

$22.00 $15.95

Drive Medical Cane Holder for Side-Fold Allows you to safely and conveniently store your cane on your rollator, wherever you go. Rollator Cane Holder Features: Compatible with Airgo/Hugo side-folding rollators (except Sidekick) Tool-free...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Quad-Support Cane Tip

$32.00 $21.90

Drive Medical Quad-Support Cane Tip The Quad Cane Tip by Drive is engineered for maximum stability and traction over all varieties of terrain. This cane tip is ultra stable and is 54% lighter & 80% more compact than a large base quad cane...

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