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ChoiceMMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter C20

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ChoiceMMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter C20

The ChoiceMMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter C20 is a convenient device that is used to monitor pulse and blood oxygen. Pulse oximetry is a great option for those with respiratory and cardiovascular problems, infants, and people with infections. Of course, it is also a necessity during coronavirus times to ensure that the blood oxygen does not fall too low.

Are you wondering how a pulse oximeter works? It is important to understand that oxygen is a necessity for every organ in the body. In its absence, cells malfunction and wither away. Cell death eventually leads to organ failure. The body uses the lungs to get oxygen to the organs. Then, the oxygen is distributed into the blood through hemoglobin proteins found in the red blood cells.

The job of a pulse oximeter is to measure the amount of oxygen, also called oxygen saturation. Usually, oxygen saturation levels should be between 90 and 100 percent. If they fall below 90 percent, you should rush to the hospital.

Pulse oximeters are clip-on gadgets that show readings of oxygen saturation. The device can be used on the finger, wrist, foot, or any other area where blood flow can be measured. They are also great for people who have conditions that lower oxygen levels, such as sleep apnea or snoring problems. Moreover, oximeters can also give information on breathing interventions, including oxygen therapy and ventilators.

The ChoiceMMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter C20 is also recommended for people with cardiovascular and respiratory issues so that they can perform physical activities in peace. They can also be given to people to measure stress levels. Pulse oximeters are also commonly seen in intensive care units for infants so that the staff can be alerted in case of a drop in oxygen.

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