Mastectomy Clothing

Mastectomy clothing is a term used to describe garments that are specifically designed to cover both the mastectomy and prosthesis for women undergoing this surgery.

The importance of these garments is to offer a sense of modesty while still being functional, by providing coverage on areas that may be self-conscious about due to the surgery.

Types of Mastectomy Clothing

Mastectomy Clothing provides coverage to the breast area, while allowing the woman to feel comfortable and confident. There are two types of mastectomy clothes - one that comes in a bra form, or one that is worn as a shirt. The first type of clothing should be fitted over the prosthetic breast. The second type should be made with wide straps to comfortably fit around the chest area.


Amoena Zipper Sports Bra

$61.50 $58.90

Amoena Zipper Sports Bra As the rest of your wardrobe, your bra wardrobe should also be dynamic and diverse. Add Amoena Zipper Sports Bra to your collection to enjoy a front-closure bra that makes dressing extremely simple and convenient! If needed, the...

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Amoena Michelle Post Surgical Camisole

$65.00 $57.00

Amoena Michelle Post-Surgical Camisole After your surgery, you would prefer a garment which is gentle on your skin and offers easy access for treatment. This post-surgical camisole is a good choice. It is made with an ultra-soft material and ensures a...

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Amoena Cozy Top - Dusty Lilac

$70.00 $58.95

Amoena Cozy Top - Dusty Lilac The Cozy Top is made in the same style as our most popular tank top, Valletta, the first to feature an integrated shelf bra with pockets. This is a pocketed camisole top that can hold your breast form or shaper - no bra...

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Medela Cami Maternity & Nursing Tank

$54.96 $44.95

Medela Cami Maternity & Nursing Tank Medela Nursing Tank is a comfortable and stylish nursing tank top made from soft and breathable cotton fabric. Medela Nursing Cami Features Convenient access for breastfeeding and pumping Extended length to...

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Amoena Crossed Strap Workout Top

$58.99 $50.00

Amoena Crossed Strap Workout Top *Available for a limited time only* The Amoena Crossed Strap Workout Top is great to wear for any workout and has a higher neckline to help hide any scars. Mastectomy Tank Tops Features Built in pocketed shelf bra...

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Amoena Sunset Chic Top Papaya/Gold

$66.00 $56.25

Amoena Sunset Chic Top Papaya/Gold Sunset Chic Top features an integrated shelf bra with modal pockets and is chic for summer. Wearing a leisure form while you sleep can assist with your sleeping posture; some women say it helps their shoulders...

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