Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks

During the night, diabetics are advised to take their socks off in order to maximize blood flow to the extremities. Sleeping with diabetic socks allows for a tight seal around the leg which ensures that your extremities will be free of any potential cold-related injury.

These are special socks that have an open section on the bottom so they can easily stay on without being constricted.

Diabetic Socks Benefits

Diabetic socks are designed to wick away moisture and help avoid skin maceration, blistering, and ulcers. They protect those with diabetic neuropathy from cold feet by providing a buffer against the ground and insulating warmth against the cold.

Dr. Segal's

Dr. Segal's Diabetic Socks

$20.00 $13.95

Dr. Segal's Diabetic Socks  Diabetes is already hard enough to deal with on its own. Even with a clean and controlled diet and the right medication, complications related to diabetes can seemingly come out of no-were. Wh. When those complicated...

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Incrediwear Walking Boot Undersleeve - Unisex

$75.99 $65.00

Incrediwear Walking Boot Undersleeve - Unisex When you are going through a hard workout, your muscles need more oxygen and nutrients to function at their best. Unfortunately, when the blood flow is restricted, the body s natural healing process slows...

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