Dr. Ho's PerfectBack Rest | 3600-BK
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DR-HO'S PerfectBack Rest

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DR-HO'S PerfectBack Rest

DR-HO'S PerfectBack Rest is made to accommodate the natural curvature of the spine for comfort and good posture. With 16 pressure point massagers to relieve achy muscles, it transforms any office, automobile, or home chair into a chair with the ideal back.

How does DR-HO'S PerfectBack Rest Work To Relieve Pain?

The designers and producers of the chairs we sit in on a daily basis don't always consider the negative effects of extended sitting on the spine. Dr Ho's Perfectback Rest was created by professionals who recognize the spine's natural shape and strive to protect it with a precisely crafted shape.

It's simple to use Dr Ho Perfectback Rest. To get a gentle massage, simply sit with your back against the support system and gently press your back into the Acupressure Massage Nodes integrated into the system. The major purpose of this design is to complement the natural form of the spine in order to provide long-term back benefits.

  • An innovative body-contouring design restores the spine’s natural curve for comfort and promotes healthy posture
  • Engineered with 16 pressure point massagers, the device soothes tight muscles and relaxes tension in the neck, shoulders and back
  • The unique design can also be used as a spinal bridge to stretch the spine and exercise the core
  • Suitable for both at-home, in-the-office and on-the-go use

Dr Ho Back Rest Features:

  • Design that sculpts the body
  • It's perfect for both at home and on the go.
  • 16 pressure points massage the back and can be utilized as a spinal bridge
  • Setup is simple and safe.
  • It's possible to use it to strengthen your core.
  • Ergonomic assistance
  • Massage Nodes with Acupressure
  • Strap that can be adjusted
  • Lightweight and portable

Dr Ho PerfectBack Rest Benefits

  • Exercising tense muscles
  • Decompress the vertebrae of the spine.
  • Exercise can be made easier while the lower back is protected.
  • Provide comfort when travelling and driving by providing support and reducing weariness.
  • Pain and tension in the spine, neck, and shoulders are relieved.
  • Reduce pressure on the spine's joints, discs, and nerves.

About Dr Ho Perfect Back Rest Support

Do you have back pain? Do you spend more than 2 hours a day sitting? DR-HO'S Perfect Backrest is exactly what you need! Any chair may be transformed into an ergonomic seating experience to ease neck and back discomfort. It maintains the natural curve of the spine for comfort and to encourage good posture.

Dr. Michael Ho, a world-renowned chiropractor and acupuncturist, designed this incredible back support system with 16 pressure point massagers to relax aching muscles, transforming any chair in the workplace, vehicle, or home into the ultimate back chair. To ensure precise, comfortable form, use it as a spinal bridge for stretching and ab exercises. Acupressure + AcuPleasure = AcuPleasure!



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