Incontinence and Ostomy Care

Men's Incontinence and Ostomy Care

Incontinence and ostomy care are relatively unknown topics to most people and they're often forgotten about when discussing health and wellness. Men's incontinence and ostomy care is a topic shrouded in secrecy yet one that affects so many men every day.


  • Catheters
  • Urinals
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Abena Abri-Man Pads


Abena Abri-Man Pads Abena Abri-Man Pads are designed to ensure optimum comfort and security due to the special shape adapted to the male anatomy. They provide ultimate protection against leakage through pocket shaped lengthwise barriers...

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Carex Male Urinal

$16.00 $10.50

Carex Male Urinal The Carex Male Urinal is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. Urinal Bottles Features Attached snap on lid helps to prevent spills and odor Gradation marks to measure output up to 32 fluid ounces Made from lightweight polyethylene...

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Coloplast SpeediCath Compact Male Catheter


Coloplast SpeediCath Compact Male Catheter Looking for a discreet catheter for men? Look no further than the Coloplast SpeediCath Compact! This sleek, compact device is perfect for those who want feel more in control during medical procedures. Its...

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AMG Medical

MedPro by AMG Medical Male Urinal with Cover

$20.00 $14.95

MedPro by AMG Medical Male Urinal with Cover A urine bottle can be a life-saving solution for those who cannot use the toilet easily or cannot get to a bathroom in time. But when it comes to choosing a male urinal, there are many factors to consider,...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Male Urinal

$11.00 $7.45

Drive Medical Male Urinal Essential for anyone who has trouble getting out of bed. Portable Urinal for Men Features Designed to prevent spills Sturdy grip for easy handling and can be used in several positions by the patient Lightweight, durable and...

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Parsons ADL

Parsons ADL Male Urinal with Cover

$15.00 $9.20

Parsons ADL Male Urinal with Cover The open handle makes it easy to grab, and it hangs on the bed rail. To prevent other usage, the Urinal is inscribed on the cap. The contents may be seen measured in ounces or cubic centimeters because to the...

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