MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners -  AMG-764-106
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MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners

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MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners

A commode liner is a disposable product placed inside a toilet bowl to catch and collect excrement. Incontinent patients often use it, have hemorrhoids, or are post-operative. There are many different brands and types of commode liners on the market; MedPro offers an easy and efficient liner to dispose of waste while reducing the risk of contamination.

AMG Medical MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners are perfect for those who want the convenience and protection of a liner without having to change it every time they use the commode. These liners are made of heavy-duty plastic and can be used multiple times; they protect against leaks and spills and make cleanup a breeze. They fit most standard commodes and are easy to install and remove.

Features of MedPro Commode Liner Bags

  • All bags contain a water-soluble pad made from Super Absorbent Powder
  • Pad will absorb 600ml of liquids and waste, reducing the risk of spills or splashes
  • The bag can then be sealed and disposed of
  • It fits most bedpans and commode seats
  • Helps block odors

Design of MedPro Zorbi Commode Bag

A commode liner is a device used to protect the surface of a toilet or commode from contact with excrement. The design of MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners features a super absorbent pad that quickly draws moisture away from the waste, keeping your commode clean and fresh smelling.

The liners are also treated with an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The liner is made from a biodegradable material that fits most bedpans. It is also puncture-resistant to help prevent leakage.

The Design of MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners absorbs 600ml of liquid, making it an ideal choice for those who suffer from frequent incontinence. The absorbent material within the liner helps soak up any spills swiftly, so you can feel confident and worry-free while using the commode.

Benefits of MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners

If you have ever had to clean up a mess that resulted from a commode accident, then you know how important it is to use a commode liner. Zorbi Commode liners can be sealed and disposed of, making cleanup a breeze. Not only are they easy to use, but they also offer a number of benefits.

  • MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners are a great way to keep your commode clean and free of odor.
  • The liners are sealed, so you can just dispose of them when they're full.
  • Less worry about cleaning the commode every time someone uses it.
  • The liners are also very absorbent; they will soak up any liquid or waste
  • It is made of high-quality material, making it durable and preventing leaks.
  • They are also comfortable to use and fit most commodes. 
  • Come in a twelve-pack and are disposable, making it easy to remove waste without touching it. 

Commode Bag Specification

  • Each box has 12 single-use bags

Buy MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners

There are many reasons to buy MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners. These liners are sealed and disposable, which means they can be thrown away after use. This feature is important because it helps to keep the commode clean and free of bacteria. Additionally, these liners are made from a durable material resistant to tears and punctures. This makes them ideal for use with commodes often used by people with mobility issues.

Buy Medpro Zorbi Commode Liners now and experience a hassle-free cleaning.

Halo Healthcare offers a wide selection of commode liners to help you help to eliminate the unpleasant task of cleaning commode pans. Browse more to see more commodes and accessories that can help you lessen your burden, don't forget to add them to your cart!

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