MOBB Rubber Cane Tip with Spike and Cap | UPC 844604094344 | UPC 844604094351
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MOBB Rubber Cane Tip with Spike and Cap

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MOBB Rubber Cane Tip with Spike and Cap

Mobility cane users know that the winter months can be treacherous. Icy sidewalks and walkways make travel difficult, if not dangerous. That's why the MOBB Rubber Cane Tip with Spike and Cap is such a great invention! This handy accessory screws onto the bottom of your cane, providing extra stability and traction on slippery surfaces.

The spiked tip also helps you navigate rough terrain, so you can stay safe while getting where you need to go. Plus, the cap keeps the spike from getting dirty or caught on things as you walk. If you're looking for a safe and easy way to get around during winter, be sure to check out the MOBB Rubber Cane Tip with Spike and Cap!

Rubber Cane Tips Features

  • Take the cap off to utilize the gripping spikes
  • Leave cap on to use as an everyday cane
  • Replaces the tip on most standard canes

Design and Benefits of Cane Tip With Spike And Cap

The cane is perfect for those who need a little assistance getting around. The rubber cane tip with spike and cap is designed to provide stability and a strong grip on most surfaces. The cap can be removed to expose the gripping spike, making it perfect for use on uneven or rough terrain.

The MOBB Rubber Cane Tip with Spike and Cap has a spike on the bottom that helps users grip the ground, and a cap on top that keeps the cane from slipping out of users' hands. This tip is also made of rubber, so it provides extra traction and stability.

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