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Never Leave Your Seat With Our Reacher and Grabber Selection

Everyone needs an extra hand sometimes, especially for grabbing out-of-reach objects. That's what our grabber and pickup tools are for. We offer inexpensive claw grabbers and other pickup tools to serve a variety of needs—even one that kids will love!  View our reachers & grabbers.

Our Grabbers and Reachers

MOBB Telescoping Reacher is a handy and versatile lightweight aluminum tool that rotates 90° and extends from 30-40."

Carex 32" Ultra Grabber has a rotating arm, wrist support, and a locking tab to hold objects in place.

Relaxus Extendable Easy Reach offers a great deal of convenience. It can lift a five-pound object as easily as it can pick up a dropped safety pin.

MOBB Arm Extend Reacher is known for both its firm grip and precision grasp for tiny items.

Relaxus Dino Reacher is a favorite with youngsters (of all ages). This lightweight "beast" extends its jaws up to 13".

Drive Medical Handheld Reacher 26.5". This lightweight and affordable device makes gripping objects simple. It takes little pressure to close the jaws.

BIOS Medical Folding Reacher. This useful tool is foldable for easy carrying and has a magnetic tip for picking up small objects.

BIOS Medical Heavy Duty 34" Reacher With Suction Grip, This workhorse is lightweight yet strong. It reaches 34", rotates 360°, and features suction cups on its extra-wide jaws.

Stander Grab N' Pull Seatbelt Reacher. This simple tool solves an annoying problem: having to reach up for the seatbelt despite back or shoulder pain.


Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Telescoping Reacher

$26.00 $20.95

MOBB Telescoping Reacher Mobb Telescoping Reacher is designed with an easy to use locking system - just twist to lock and unlock telescoping ability. Telescopic Reacher Features Made from light weight aluminum Comfortable molded plastic handgrip Tips...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Handheld Reacher


Drive Medical Handheld Reacher 26.5" Easily reach objects--whether high or low--with the Hand Held Reacher from Drive Medical. The easy trigger requires only slight pressure to grab items without the need for bending or reaching. Plus, the reacher...

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Relaxus Dino Reacher

$8.00 $5.95

Relaxus Dino Reacher Relaxus Dino Reacher is a colorful toy for kids with a unique look, as well as a great reacher for adults with mobility issues. Dino Reacher Toy Benefits & Features: Lightweight and durable plastic. Extends up to 13". Comes in...

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Relaxus Extendible Easy Reach

$18.00 $12.95

Relaxus Extendible Easy Reach Relaxus Extendible Easy Reach allows you to reach otherwise out of reach items without strain.  Pick Up & Reaching Tool Features Ideal to clean up the yard Pick up objects on the floor without having to bend...

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Carex 32" Ultra Grabber

$35.00 $27.95

Carex 32" Ultra Grabber The Carex 32" Ultra Grabber makes it easier to pick up those hard to reach items. Carex Grabber Featuers Wrist support for added leverage Rotating arm makes grasping easier at any angle Locking tab to hold items in...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Arm Extend Reacher

$26.00 $19.95

MOBB Arm Extend Reacher MOBB Reacher allows the user to pick up small/light items from the floor or hard to reach places. Long Handled Reacher Features Ideal for those in a wheelchair or with limited mobility Designed to provide a firm grip and...

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BIOS Medical

BIOS Living 26 Inch Folding Reacher

$24.00 $18.25

BIOS Living 26 Inch Folding Reacher This 26” reacher folds down for easy storage! Discreetly carry the reacher in your purse, rollator basket or pouch. Perfect for picking up objects from high shelves and far distances.  Folding Grabber...

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Parsons ADL

Parsons ADL Reacher


Parsons ADL Reacher Reacher is also known as: Reach extender Grabber Arm Helping hand Trash Picker Extended Gripper Grabber Tool Extended Reach Grabber Long Arm Gripper Picker-Upper Heavy Duty Grabber Reacher Tool Adds inches to arm length, removing...

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Stander Grab N' Pull Seatbelt Reacher

$10.99 $7.95

Stander Grab N' Pull Seatbelt Reacher The Grab N' Pull Seatbelt Reacher is an easy to use and convenient handle to allow the user to put on their seatbelt with reduced effort. Seatbelt Reacher Features & Benefits:  Helps reduce strain...

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BIOS Medical

BIOS Medical BIOS Living Leg Lifter

$29.95 $22.45

BIOS Medical BIOS Living Leg Lifter This convenient device will allow you to move your legs safely, especially following hip surgery. Ideal for individuals with weak hip flexors following total hip replacement. Features: Foothold bends to accommodate...

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BIOS Medical

BIOS Medical BIOS Living Sock and Stocking Helper

$27.45 $21.95

BIOS Medical BIOS Living Sock and Stocking Helper For anyone who has difficulty bending and/or reaching their feet, this sock aid is ideal for arthritis sufferers. It allows people to put on their socks independently and easily despite pain or physical...

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Carex Folding Metal Reacher 26.5"

$28.00 $20.50

Carex Folding Metal Reacher Increase your reach with our reacher grabber tool. Our reach extender makes grasping for items in hard to reach places easier and more manageable. The hand grabber tool is perfect for anyone with weakened strength or...

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Parsons ADL

Parsons ADL 30" E-Z Reacher


Parsons ADL 30" E-Z Reacher These high-quality reachers can take up a wide range of things of various sizes and weights. When compared to a standard finger trigger, the whole hand trigger enables for more strength to be applied. E-Z reach grabber come in...

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