Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles -  REL-534129
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Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles

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Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles

The Nordic Walking and Hiking pole consists of a lightweight aluminum construction, ergonomic shock handles, and a built-in anti-shock suspension. They help burn up to 45% more calories than walking without poles, by placing less stress on knees and ankles. It encourages the strengthening of upper and lower body muscles simultaneously.

Nordic Walking Poles Features

  • Aluminum construction that is lightweight
  • Wrist strap is adjustable and quick release.
  • Molded grip with extended compression for uneven surfaces.
  • Cork handles keep hands dry while providing a comfortable grip.
  • When retracted, it is small enough to fit in luggage or back packs.
  • In-built anti-shock suspension with ON/OFF switch. Telescope height adjustment: 80 cm - 135 cm with Twist & Lock.
  • Carbide tip for off-road/icy terrain, rubberized tip for regular terrain, and walking heel for maximum traction.

The Nordic Walking & Hiking Poles are excellent entry-level poles for those looking for basic support while walking or poling in the city. The poles, which are made of lightweight aluminum to reduce weight, aid in improving balance and stability while walking or hiking. The dual grip option allows for greater variability and flexibility in how the poles are held. This is also advantageous making them beneficial because they are formulated for various sizes and making them an excellent pair of poles to have on hand for guests and friends who are new to poling.

Extendable Walking Sticks for Hiking

The anti-shock system relieves pressure on the hands and wrists, making poling more comfortable. The telescopic twist and lock system makes extending and retracting the poles extremely simple and reliable, reducing frustration and ensuring that the poles do not retract accidentally. The poles extend from 30" to 53" in length, giving it an excellent range and the ability to work well for anyone of any height.

Hiking Poles System

  • Carbide tip for off-road/icy conditions
  • Rubberized tip for regular conditions
  • Walking heel for maximum traction

What Are The Benefits Of Nordic Pole Walking?

By spreading the load more evenly across your entire body, walking poles have been shown to reduce accumulated stress on your feet, legs, knees, and back. This is especially true if you're carrying a heavy pack.

Other Benefits of Walking Poles

  • Take care of your knees, especially when walking down steep hills.
  • Increase your strength and endurance when walking uphill.
  • Assists with balance on uneven trails.
  • Improve posture, making walkers more upright as they walk, which can help with breathing.
  • Increase your speed, especially if you're going downhill.
  • Add extra stability
  • Reducing fatigue and increasing endurance.
  • Burn more calories by incorporating an upper body and a leg workout.
  • Stabilize your spine by strengthening your muscle.
  • Strengthen the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and neck.

Follow these steps to get the most out of your hiking poles

  1. Determine the proper length: Aim for a 90-degree bend in your elbow when the pole tips touch the ground.
  2. Choose features: Adjustability, foldability, weight, shock absorption, and locking mechanisms (for adjustable poles) are a few of the features you should consider.
  3. Learn how to use poles: Knowing a few handy tips, such as how to use poles to get around trail obstacles, will get you on your way.

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