The word “thermometer” derives from two Greek words, thermos meaning “heat” and metron which means “measure.” A thermometer is a device that can measure the temperature of a given substance. There are a few different types of thermometers including:

  • digital thermometer,
  • infrared thermometer

Digital and Infrared Thermometers for Fever and Cooking

Knowing your temperature can help you decide how to treat a fever or if you need medical attention. They also help you know when food is finished cooking and safe to eat. The wide selection of thermometers below helps you find the right tool to fit your needs.

Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 1 Second Testing

These special no-contact thermometers come in handy when you need to reduce shared surfaces and contamination. Infrared thermometers use infrared radiation to determine temperature without needing contact.

Infrared radiation is in everything and everyone above absolute zero and is emitted in wavelengths longer than those of light. The infrared thermometers below convert the wavelengths into temperature which gets displayed on their screens in seconds. For practical temperature measurement, only IR wavelengths between 0.7 and 20 microns are used.

How long will an IR thermometer take to respond?

IR thermometers have a response time of about 0.5 seconds, which is faster than most thermometers.

How far away from the target can I take measurements with NCIT?

Calculate the maximum distance you can be from your target using the distance-to-size ratio and the diameter of the target.

Most IR thermometers have a maximum measuring distance of approximately 100 feet (30 meters), depending on the model. However, when estimating these two factors, you should also account for atmospheric conditions that affect infrared radiation.

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Benefits

Non-contact thermometers allow healthcare professionals to measure a patient's temperature without touching them. This reduces the risk of spreading disease between people being evaluated. Non-contact thermometers are easy to use, easy to clean and disinfect, and provide accurate measurements rapidly. The reading is displayed on a digital screen for easy reading.

Digital Thermometers for Fever

Digital Body Thermometer

The digital thermometers of today are a far cry from the glass thermometers that were used in the past. They work by using sensors that determine body temperature when in close proximity to someone's mouth or an extremity. This helps to ensure that the readings are accurate and reliable, which is especially important for babies and people who might be unable to communicate their health status.

How does a digital thermometer measure temperature?

These sensors work through infrared, which is emitted from a heat source. When someone blows into the sensor, the molecules release heat which then transfers to the sensor and measures their body temperature. The thermometer can be used to take temperature readings in the mouth, rectum, or armpit. They are an easy way to monitor your temperature, which is especially helpful if you don't feel well or want to make sure you're not getting sick.

There is a wide selection of digital thermometers for checking your fever. They have flexible tips that help make them more comfortable to use. These thermometers also provide results within a range of 5 – 10 seconds for quick and easy results.

Some of them can also announce results which is handy for individuals with visual impairment. These may also make a sound when your temperature reaches a fever.

There’s also an ear thermometer option that takes accurate temperature measurements in your ear.

Digital Thermometer Benefits

  • Digital thermometers can read temperatures quickly and accurately.
  • They are handy and easy to use; you can even carry the thermometer in your bag.
  • The display is easy to read.
  • This type of thermometer is perfect for those who have sensitive skin because it doesn't use any slimy liquids, so there's no risk of getting an infection from them.
  • Digital thermometers are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at most grocery stores and drugstores.
  • They do not require any special maintenance and can last for years! A digital thermometer will allow you to see your baby’s temperature without having to take their clothes off or disturb them, which could disrupt their sleep.

Digital Oral Thermometer

Digital Body Thermometer for use orally, rectally and underarm

A digital oral thermometer is a device for measuring human body temperature. The device takes the form of a probe that is inserted into the mouth to take an oral reading and has an attached display to show the reading. Digital oral thermometers can be used at home or in clinical settings.

Oral Thermometer Benefits

Mouth thermometer measures the temperature under the tongue. Patients find it easier to cooperate with oral thermometers due to their quick response time and shorter read time, making it a more comfortable option for some. Mouth thermometers are also less invasive, which is one reason they are preferable. Moreover, mouth thermometers are much cheaper than other types of thermometers making them accessible to more people.

Digital Ear Thermometer

Instant Read Digital Ear Thermometer

Digital ear thermometers are widely used to measure temperature quickly and accurately. The temperature reading is displayed on the screen in just seconds with this type of thermometer. These thermometers are equipped with an infrared sensor that is inserted into the ear canal to measure the temperature of the eardrum.

Ear Thermometer Benefits

  • Many brands merely take seconds to get a reading using the ear thermometer.
  • It doesn't need to be in the ear for long.
  • Ear thermometers are accurate and they can provide readings that are consistent with oral or rectal temperature measurements.

Thermometers for Cooking

Talking Cooking Thermometer

To ensure meat is cooked properly and to know when any of your food is finished cooking, you can use a digital cooking thermometer. These easy-to-use thermometers help with all your cooking needs while providing reliable readings.

A digital cooking thermometer is a must-have for every kitchen. This can be used to accurately determine the internal temperature of meats, poultry, and fish. This tool is also useful for checking the temperature of baked goods or being able to create different sauces with precision.

Cooking Thermometer benefits

A digital cooking thermometer can make cooking more convenient by eliminating all the guesswork of what is happening inside your oven. With an accurate reading of the food's internal temperature, you won't have to worry about overcooking or undercooking your meal. You can also avoid any danger of foodborne illness that may come from eating undercooked meat or eggs.


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